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My name is Jordan Schmidt, born on 11/05/1992 in Melbourne, Victoria. With Maori and Samoan heritage, both my parents were born in New Zealand. At the tender age of 5, I experienced the tragic loss of my father to suicide, which led my mother, Leanne, and me to relocate back to New Zealand.

During my time in New Zealand, I discovered a deep passion for rugby, and it became my lifelong dream to become a professional rugby player. When we returned to Melbourne, I continued my pursuit of rugby, representing multiple teams. The hard work eventually paid off when I was selected for the Melbourne Storm under 15s, providing a real opportunity to chase my dream.

However, just as things were looking up, my life took another heart-wrenching turn. One Friday night, as I was preparing for training, my mother called me in a state of panic. Her words were choked with sorrow as she informed me that my older brother, Dylan, had been tragically murdered at a party.

This devastating news shattered me, and I found myself spiraling into a dark place. I turned to excessive drinking and engaged in destructive behaviors, even abandoning rugby, which had been such an integral part of my life. By the time I turned 18, I felt lost and overwhelmed, with no clear path ahead.

Thankfully, my stepfather, Eric, stepped in at a crucial moment. He intervened, pulling me away from a house party and encouraging me to try out for the Victoria under 18 rugby team. This became a pivotal moment in my life, serving as a catalyst for self-reconstruction and the person I needed to become for my family, friends, and, most importantly, myself.

Since then, I have embraced various roles and accomplishments. I became a strength and conditioning coach, pursued a semi-professional rugby career in France, ventured into multiple entrepreneurial endeavors, and even participated in the Australian Survivor. Through my own experiences and challenges, I have discovered my life's mission: a modern mentality dedicated to supporting those facing difficult times. My goal is to empower others and help them realize that there is always a way out, even when it may seem impossible. I firmly believe that with determination and self-reflection, anyone can conquer adversity and rise above their challenges.

This journey is deeply personal to me, as it is a tribute to my dad and my brother, who continue to be the ultimate sources of power and inspiration in my life. Now, my mission is to help you discover your own wellspring of strength and resilience.


Lack of Confidence:

Many men struggle with self-doubt and uncertainty, especially when it comes to navigating challenging situations in their personal and professional lives.

Difficulty in Relationships

Building and maintaining healthy relationships can be a source of stress and frustration for men, whether it's with partners, family members, or colleagues.

Lack of Purpose:

Men often find themselves questioning their purpose and direction in life, leading to feelings of aimlessness and dissatisfaction.

  • Mind

    Cultivate unwavering confidence and mental resilience through our Mind Mastery workshops. Learn techniques to overcome self-doubt, manage stress, and develop a positive mindset that propels you forward.

  • Body

    Achieve peak physical fitness and well-being with our Body Balance workshops. Discover the importance of nutrition, exercise, and self-care in maintaining a healthy lifestyle that energizes and empowers you.

  • Family & Relationships:

    Strengthen your relationships and communication skills with our Family Ties and Social Connections workshops. Learn how to navigate conflict, build trust, and create meaningful connections with those around you.

  • Finance:

    Take control of your financial future with our Finance Foundations workshops. Gain essential knowledge about budgeting, saving, and investing to secure your financial stability and freedom.

  • Purpose:

    Uncover your true purpose and passion with our Purpose and Passion workshops. Explore your interests, set meaningful goals, and align your actions with your values to live a life of fulfillment and meaning.


Our programme is more than just a series of workshops; it's a code for living. By embracing the pillars of Modern Mentality, you'll develop the confidence, respect, and alignment needed to navigate life's challenges with grace and purpose. Join us on this transformative journey and become the best version of yourself.

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